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Economic gloom, but it’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good

As each week passes, we hear more gloomy outpourings about trading prospects from the major groups in the industry.   Huntsworth and Dentsu joined the gloomy chorus last week, countering Maurice Lévy’s attempt to cheer us up with news of better trading in October.   Even those companies that are currently on target for the year feel the need to counsel caution about their future prospects – witness Chime Communications and Levy’s warning about December.

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Coping with recession: a tale of two companies

Two contrasting financial results emerged this week.  Huntsworth announced much improved profits on static turnover.  The Engine Group reported a much increased loss from much increased turnover.

On the face of it Huntsworth had responded effectively to tougher conditions experienced last year when it was forced to issue a profit warning.  The tough conditions may not have abated, but action appears to have been taken to bring operating costs back into line.

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Omnicom: a lesson for marcoms companies aiming for the stock market

It’s almost irritating to see how Omnicom Group manages to report consistently steady growth in profits.

Seemingly unperturbed by being overtaken by WPP in the revenue league, Omnicom continues to deliver a reliably solid return to its shareholders.   And that, of course, is what keeps investment institutions happy.  While there is room in any portfolio for a few fast growth and/or speculative shares, the most critical component is a bedrock of solid and consistently performing ones.

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Is the recession spoiling your breakfast?

A quick skim over last week’s financial headlines in the marketing sector would probably spoil most people’s breakfast:  “Dentsu’s profit margins hit by recession: prospects gloomy”,”Chime faces restructuring costs as US Government contract ends”,” cScape to retreat from AIM after another £0.5m loss”, “Hasgrove halves profit expectations”, “Huntsworth lops £4m off profit projection”, and so on.  The merger of MRM with Meteorite also smacks of financial disappointment.

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What accounting rules and pigs have in common

More often than not, this column has been at pains to point out how companies have perhaps been a little liberal in their interpretation of accounting rules or at least have taken steps to put the best possible gloss on their performance.  So it may come as a surprise to find that today’s offering takes the form of a rant about some of the recent acts of lunacy perpetrated by the rule-makers. 

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Have aggregators had their day?

A few years ago it was fashionable for entrepreneurs in the marketing services industry to search out a company – probably already listed on the stock exchange – and transform it into a mini WPP Group by acquiring as many businessesas possible involved in supplying marketing services of one sort or another.

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Recession? What recession?

Judging by last week’s news from stock market listed public relations groups Chime Communications and Huntsworth, Britain’s latest recession might have been simply a figment of everyone’s imagination.

Chime’s chairman Lord Bell announced that his company was having a “very good year” and expected further growth during the second half of the year and onwards into 2011.

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UK’s public marketing agencies see profits rise 52%

It may not feel as if business activity is recovering, but if the results from a recent batch of publicly listed marketing agencies are anything to go by there are distinct signs that the worst is over.

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Huntsworth rebounds from the recession

The economy may be struggling to recover from recession, but companies like Huntsworth seem to be well on the road to rude health. This morning the global public relations group reported a near 14% increase in revenue for the half-year to 30 June and a 337% increase in operating profit. Some of that revenue increase came from acquisitions, but there was organic growth as well.

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Huntsworth pays cautious price for ScopeMedical

Huntsworth’s initial payment to acquire medical communications agency Scope Medical, announced today, suggests that it has valued the business at about seven times last year’s post-tax profit or five times its pre-tax profits.

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